Friday, December 19, 2008

Making Christmas

So. As promised here is the instructions for making a Christmas tree from plastic bags:

You'll need:
Lots of bags. LOTS
Strong wire
Wire cutter and pliers

1.Bend the wire and shape in to the tree trunk with 4 legs. The legs help support the tree when you add the "pine needles" and it gets all heavy. This is illustrated in picture 1. This is how I did it but after I've finished I realize it may be easier if I made a spiral structure instead like in figure 2 or 3. This makes the tree stronger and less likely to sag. If you made it according to picture 1 you will have to add branches. I added 8 sets of branches with 4 branch in each set.

2. Now that you have your tree frame you will need to fluff up your tree. Grab as many plastic bags as you can and start making some plastic strings.

Press your plastic bag flat, and fold up like this:
Now, cut off the bottom and the handle.

You will be left with a wide plastic tube shape. cut down along one side so you have one flat plastic sheet. Roll this sheet up tight and cut up like you would a sushi roll.
You'll end up with lots of plastic strips.

3. Make lots and lots of pom poms from the plastic strips and tie them to your tree's branches. Make enough to cover all the wire.

4. Decorate and add lights!

Now you have a plastic tree that can be used again and again and way less plastic bags.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I think I need help.

My little sis sent me an invite to poupee girl and I am now addicted.
I spent almost all day today searching for cute little dresses for my poppet. I couldn't leave her nekkid, she looks just like me! It's like sweet cartoony wide eyed crack, I swear.

poupeegirl fashion brand community

Click that link at your own risk dude, if you find you can't leave don't say i didn't warn you. (and if you join, friend me!)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I just wanna dance!!

Untitled from pinn on Vimeo.

Sunday drive

A day out driving with Mari and my two favorite odd fellows. We drove along the back roads of BKK, fed the fishes, and had afternoon tea by the river.

Thai Santa!!

The sun setting over the temple of dawn.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Tis the Season

I made myself finish the Christmas tree today. So, some pics:

This is the result of lots of wire bending, plastic bag cutting and pom pom making and I absolutely love it. I decided to make this year's tree from recycled plastic bags and raided our stash. The super market we go to has white bags with red letters which resulted in a sweet candy cane effect for the entire tree.

This is a close up of the snow man garland me and the Mr. picked up in Shimo-kita zawa. We spent a perfect day there one christmas walking around and being absolutely in love, I was pregnant with Mari at the time, but didn't know it yet.

Rocker chic doll that I made for mari and a bunny I received from Minato-san of Tokyo's Rowan shop.

Some of my favorite earrings used as ornaments. The red monkey is from Naughty Secretary's club. I hearts it.

And happily Mari hearts her Christmas tree. Happy Holidays!
(We don't have any idea what to put at the top of the tree yet. Any suggestions?)