Friday, September 21, 2007

emerging from the fog

I've been lost in some kind of maternal fog since Mari came about a month ago. It's been a whirlwind of feeding, changing, bathing, cuddling and getting stuff done. My head is still spinning. I finally have a moment to use the computer so I'm going to make this a quick update:
-Mari has gained 1 kilo, she loves walks in the garden, cuddling with her dad, and Jackson Browne's music. She has real stinky neck cheese :)
-I am finally one kilo below my prepregnancy weight and can fit in to my old jeans. (Vain, I know but YAY!!! anyway) I think the weight I lost might be my brain though, I feel like it's missing.
-We can not stop kissing, holding, playing with Mari. My mom swears I'm spoiling her rotten.
-Mari decided at around 2 weeks that she would rather sleep with us in our bed. She cries when we put her down in her crib and immediately settles down when we bring her to ours'. I really love co-sleeping with her though. I think she's decided her crib is her 'changing room' because that's become it's main purpose. She becomes quite indignant when she wakes up to find she's been left to snooze there.

Here are some pics folks:

Oh, and I am still crafting. Mostly mindless zombie knitting but hey, it's pretty relaxing! Anything I can knit while nursing is game. Right now it's the pinwheel baby blanket using Bouton D'or Medina. It's a viscose/wool blend and is very pretty: