Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So, I've been MIA for a while. We've had some hard times these last few months and I've been really worked up about money, I tend to shut down when I'm depressed so I sort of stopped writing. I was struggling and struggling to make ends meet and save enough money for my insurance. I got screwed over pretty badly by said insurance and a few other financial mishaps :S But finally I got a break. A pretty big one too. I applied for a job and I got it!!

I applied for a job teaching English at an alternative education school. I was thinking of sending Mari there when she starts kindergarten but we just don't have the $$$ So while I was looking for work I checked out their website and there was an opening, I jumped to send my resume and after a few days of tests and observations I'm in!! WOOT!! I now have a stable income! And a secure job! This is such a blessing.

Other reasons this job rocks:
-They have a weekly farmer's market in the school area with fresh organic vegs and eggs.
-They have daycare service for staff member's children for only about $60 a month! Right in the school so I can walk over and check on Mari whenever I have time.
- $15 a month covers our breakfast and lunch at the school cafeteria every working day.
- This school has their own recycling center and composting program, almost all of their waste is recycled.
- The school is in a large woody area and encourage the children to learn outside the classroom, a lot of nature based activity that's soo important to me.
- Now that I teach here Mari can go to this school for only 20% of the full price. Which means I can definitely send her here.
- The other teachers seem really cool.

I could go on and on. I'm just so happy. Right now I'm really busy moving my stuff to my dad's condominium which is near the school so I'm excited about having my own space again too. It's such a HUGE change, but a really good one!