Friday, May 21, 2010

My first break up letter

CNN, I'm terribly disappointed in you. All this time I've heard from others that you were shallow sensationalist gossip peddlers and I dismissed those views for years because I enjoyed your reports. But today after living through the real situation and seeing with my own eyes what really happened and then to see you and your so called "reporters" dishing out biased half truths to the international public time and time again. You make me sick. I came here to see if there is anything decent that you can offer and, lo and behold! The main story I see on the front page about Thailand is a stale day old interview with... wait for it... a motorcycle taxi driver. About how he narrowly escaped death. How quaint. Not about the arson, not about the collapsed buildings, not about the smoldering ruins of Bangkok. I expected more of you. So this is it CNN. I am now an ex-viewer because I seriously can not trust you to tell me the truth anymore. And that's what we all look for in a news channel, The Truth not entertainment which is the only thing you seem capable of distributing now.
(I took the time to sign up to send this post because I really need to call you out, but trust me all the e-mails or newsletters you're going to send me from now on will be promptly DELETED)